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Workshop by Mr.Prasanna Sir

July 13, 2011

On 07th and 8th of July, we had workshop by well known personality Mr. Prasanna Sir from Charaka (Desi). He is the founder of Charaka Organisation it is a women’s co-operative society in Bhimanakone village in Sagar taluk of Shimoga district in Karnataka. Charaka produces naturally dyed cotton handloom garments, which are sold under the ‘Desi’ brand name across the state. The co-operative employs nearly 200 women and has a decent turnover of crores of rupees. He is well known theater artist as well as writer and director. He took a session on Entrepreneurship and Leadership, after his session I understood that Entrepreneurs and the leaders have similar qualities to lead people. Both of them need to have commitment, excellent communication skills, patience, and courage to take decision. He taught us about presentation skills, I think it was interesting to listen to him. He conducted practical session on presentation with reading exercises. He gave his feedback for all the fellows to improve their skills. He also gave some inputs to present the matter with clarity. He gave many tong twister exercises to improve our pronunciation and clarity of speech. He gave some of the important tips to improve body language and eye contact. We had role-play session and in this we need to act different roles on the stage, based on our performance he gave us valuable suggestions to improve our body language. He suggested us to sing many songs because that is one of the ways to improve pronunciation and clarity of speech. He is the person who is very much concerned about language and culture of this country. He also suggested us to develop passion towards mother tong and own culture because each and every practice have meaning in it. We got enough knowledge about theater. After listening to Prasanna sir I think I need to work on my communication. I need to change my way of communication. I’m really looking forward to meet and attend his workshops to gain more knowledge. I’m interested to visit Charaka organisation to know how the organisation is running. I thank Prasanna Sir for sharing his knowledge and views about language, theater, entrepreneurship and leadership.