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Village Study Experience

May 2, 2011

Dear all, finally I’m back from my extended village study. This village study was really memorable one. I studied about “Impact of NREGA on Veerapur village”. This was bit challenging for me to find out beneficiaries and to collect data. I got good cooperation by panchayath officials and villagers. In my personal opinion it was difficult to adjust with food and water in the village. Villagers treated me very well and supported me in my study. It gave me sense of confident because I met many unfamiliar people and interviewed them. So it helped me to develop confidence to speak strangers. I think villagers have lot of hope on NREGA scheme to get employment as well as to develop community infrastructures by using labour. They feel that road connectivity, land development, toilet construction in the village, and irrigation are the most useful project to develop their village. Some of the villagers feel that corruption exist in NREGA scheme, many fake bank accounts are created. It was nice experience for me to understand grass root level reality. Villagers are very simple and hard workers they always think about work. When we go to village for study, they expect something from that study. Overall it was nice experience I enjoyed it.


Extended Village Study

April 25, 2011

Extended Village Study

Dear all, I’m going to village on 26/04/2011for Village Study. I’m going to Veerapur Village near Dharwad and panning to study about National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) in my village study. I think NREGA is the best program to develop community assets for community development. It guarantees 100 days of work for rural poor and unemployment. Central government and State government give funds to implement the project.I wish you can share your opinion and help me to study NREGA implementation. I want to know what kind of information I need to collect in the village. Looking forward to hear your suggestions and comments.