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Nuclear Power Plant at Kaiga.

February 11, 2011

Dear all, this is to bring your notice that the latest survey which was conducted in and around the Kaiga Nuclear Power Generating Station in Karwar found that more than 300 people are suffering from the Cancer, It’s because of Nuclear Radiations and Chemicals which are used in the Kaiga Nuclear Power station. A decade ago there was a survey which was conducted by the Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences and they found that there was no such cancer cases in that region. It’s clearly indicates that Cancer cases are increased because of this Nuclear Power Generating station. The recent survey was also conducted be the same institution. I think Central Government should take immediate action to solve this problem. They should find some nature friendly methods to generate power. They should set up these stations nearĀ desertsĀ and where there is less density of population so that there will not be any harm for environment and human life. Think about it…………..