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May 23, 2011
Dear all we had Education Module in Deshpande Fellowship Program from past four days I learned many interesting things about education system in India. Is is necessary to know about our education system. I’m aware of many terminologies which are frequently used in education system in India. We had sessions on Elementary Education, Higher Education  and Innovation in Education. We had session on Right to Education Act-2010. One whole day we had practical session on new innovation called Nali-Kali method which is implemented for 1-3 standard classes in government school. I really understand where we are lacking in education comparing with other countries. Our education system have not changed since 150 years it is a clear indicator that our education system doesn’t run according to the time. It does’t give freedom for children to express their interest and opinion. Even after 60 years of independence only 13% of the people are able to get higher education today. After spending 4 days I came to know that we have lot to achieve in education system. It’s time to act not to talk to improve and ensure quality education in our schools. As a social work student it made me to think about experiments and innovations which are done by many educationists in the present education system. It also made me to think and grab the opportunities which are available in the education system. After attending education module i understood that….
Education is to learn.
Education is to do.
Education is to be.
Education is to live together.