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May 14, 2011

Dear all, today we had Agriculture Module in Deshpande Fellowship Program. I personally learned many new things in agriculture module. It was really interesting to be a part of this module. I learned the concept of Sustainable Agriculture, Farmer Field School and City Farming. We Cohort VI Fellows had field visit to BAIF NGO which is working for agriculture development. 

I think if we follow some cropping pattern in agriculture it help to sustain for long time. After this module I think agriculture can provide year long work in the agriculture farm itself instead of searching job and going to other places. It can be profitable business. Even in dry land we can grow some of the fruit trees. I think it require lot of patience and hard work to get result in the field. Without using chemical fertilizer we can get more yield by using vermi compost which can be prepared by farmers by using all type of agriculture waste and home waste.
Sustainable Agriculture 
Sustainable development is the kind of agriculture which deals with the
Conservation of Natural Resources,
Development of Natural Resources, and
Proper utilization of Natural Resources to meet the present and future needs.
Facilitators followed participatory method to teach agriculture module, we all participated very well in the group activities in the class.