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Fund Raising Event

August 9, 2011

We, the Fellows of Deshpande Fellowship Program, have organized the “Charity Drama show Natakotsava” in collaboration with Rangayana Mysore. This charity show was organized to help to improve the health and education of HIV-infected, orphan children in Dharwad, and also to encourage theater and young theater artists in Karnataka. The show was held on 28th and 29th of July 2011 in Deshpande Foundation Auditorium at BVB Engineering College campus, Vidyanagar, Hubli. It was a challenge for us to raise funds for the event. We have approached most of the traders, businessmen and many companies to sponsor for this event but they didn’t come forward to sponsor for this event. We tried to make this event as successful but we failed in raising funds. While working on the event I really learn a lot, this learning will remain as a part of my life forever. We could able to meet lots of well known personalities in Hubli-Dharwad region. Through this event I realize that our plans will not work  according to the plan, we need to plan well in advance to make it successful. I think I wont make any mistakes in future while organizing big budget events. I don’t regret myself loosing big amount of money but I gain experience which is worth than money. It made me more confident and skillful to handle the events in future. I thank all my co-fellows Mr.Mallikarjun, Mr.Ravi, Mr.Innus Khan and Ms. Margarate for their help and support to organize this event.