Fundraising Event Preparation

Dear all, in Deshpande Fellowship Program as a part of fundraising module I’m busy with preparation of  fundraising event . We are four in our team. We have planned to organize a Charity Show ‘Natakotsava’ in collaboration with Rangayana Mysore. Two comedy dramas will be played by Rangayana team. The show will be held in Deshpande Foundation Auditorium on 28th and 29th, July, 2011. I’m approaching donors and sponsors for the sponsorship. It was really tough task to convince donors to get fund for our event. It is really a challenging task for me to search sponsors and to approach them. Personally I’m learning many things from this preparation. Approaching donors and explaining them about the event is made me more confident and to be more clear about the event. Sponsors will ask many questions about the event so we need to be  clear about the event and should be able to explain them very clearly to make them understand. I’m trying hard to get sponsorship for the event. Hope it will be successful one. Dear friends you can suggest me how can I approach donors and what strategies I need to follow. Your suggestion will be considered.


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