Guest Speaker Session by Mr.Abhay

On 8th July we had a session by Mr. Abhay who is an activist and social worker. He is basically an Engineer who worked for multinational company in Bangalore. Since 10 year he had been working in development sector. He founded an organisation called Prerana in Raichur District of Karnataka. He is well known for his advocacy works in the north Karnataka. He works for women related issues in northern Karnataka region. He mainly works for the empowerment of the women and children. He started working for Devadasis to bring them out from that meaningless practice. He influenced state government and local authority to work on this issue. He found an association called Nava Jeevana Mahila Okkuta of women. Members of this association work for the development of their community in Raichur. They are trained and given awareness on various issues by the organisation. They also give Education for the children of the Nava Jeevana Mahila Okkuta members. More than 1200 children’s are sponsored by Infosys Foundation.

            It was really inspirational one. His speech was motivated me to work with rural community. To work in development sector we need to have passion and commitment towards work. I’m really lucky to meet person like Mr. Abhay. He is a real hero who brought life into thousands of poor people in Raichur.  I thank Abhay sir for sharing his experience and views about development sector. 


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