5K Challenge, Marketing

Dear all we had one week 5K challenge module in Deshpande Fellowship Program, in this module fellows will be divided into group of two people they will be given 5000 Rs. fellows have to invest this amount in business. We need to do marketing as I was alone so I joined my co-fellows Mr. Mallikarjun and Shivakumar Yadav. We invested amount in buying branded shirts, T-shirts, umbrellas and rain caps. We purchased in wholesale market and sold in different places in Hubli. On first day we purchased only 1 dozen of rain caps, we invested around 350 and sold in Kalaghatagi. We purchased it for 25Rs per cap and sold it for 40 Rs. It made us more confident to sell more things in Hubli. Second day we bought branded Shirts, T-shirts and Umbrellas and sold it in Hubli only. It was challenging for us to convince customers about the quality of products, people never believed us as we are new to market. We purchased umbrellas for 55-65 Rs. in Wholesale and sold it for 75 Rs. it gave us more profit. we struggled to sell shirts and T-shirts so we took 3 days for those to sell. Finally we didn’t able to sell all the materials which we bought. But at the end of the module we made 3040 Rs. profit. We really got the marketing experience, I think individual learn many things by doing and experiencing. It made me to change my attitude towards marketing. I really understood the difficulties of the people who are involved in marketing. It was very hard time for us to stand for whole day and carrying materials from one place to another. I really enjoyed one week marketing module because it taught me how to deal with stranger. Marketing completely depends on how you present yourself to the stranger or customer. It required lot of patience to deal with customers.


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