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Mr. Mahantesh GK, Founder of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.

May 31, 2011

Dear all, on 30/05/2011 we had guest lecture by Mr. Mahantesh G K founder of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. He is visually impaired and highly qualified person. Though he is visually impaired but his achievements are really great. He shared his life journey with DFP6 fellows during his visit to Deshpande Foundation, Hubli. He was born in a village called Neginala in Bailahongal taluk of Belgaum District. He completed his early education in Ramana Maharishi school Bangalore and his Post Graduation studies in English Literature from Bangalore university. Mahantesh sir lost his eye sight due to typhoid at a very early age. After experiencing so much in life with a aim to guide and encourage visually and physically challenged children to provide education and to pursue higher studies he, along with two other visually impaired friends, in the year 1997 he started an organisation called ‘Samarthanam Trust For The Disabled’ in Bangalore. the word ‘Samarthanam’ means capable in Sanskrit. Samarthanam provides free lodging, boarding and education to the visually impaired, physically and economically challenged students. Samrthanam also provides free computer training to its students. The students of Samarthanam have represented India in the “World cup cricket Tournament for the Blind -1998 and 2002”.

According to Mahantesh sir there are 6 D’s which plays very important role in an individuals life.

  • Dream
  • Desire 
  • Dedication 
  • Discipline
  • Determination 
  • Destiny   

He said if we want to achieve something in our life these 6D’s should be very clear and need to follow these in life. To achieve success we need to believe in ourselves and need to be more confident. I was really motivated by his speech and his work. He inspired me to work hard and to be humble in life. He always believe in sharing so it made me to think in his perspective and to give small contribution to the society.



May 27, 2011

Dear all, on 25/05/2011 we had Guest speaker session on Entrepreneurship by Indian American businessman and entrepreneur Dr. Gururaj Deshpande founder and Chairman of Sycamore Networks, USA. He interacted with fellows on entrepreneurship, who have vast experience in entrepreneurship. 

It was really interesting session by Gururaj Deshpande sir. He shared his experiences with fellow it was really inspired us to think differently and to do things differently. After attending his session we could make out difference between entrepreneur and businessman. 

 Entrepreneurship is making things happen and Innovation is generating new ideas. Some of the qualities of entrepreneur are….

a) Risk taking : Entrepreneur is the person who takes risk and try to do things happen. He will be always ready to face challenges which blocks his journey. 

b)Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Innovation goes hand in hand entrepreneur who always tries to do things differently and make things happen. Innovation is a part of entrepreneurship. 

c) Leverage Resources: Entrepreneur who always try to utilize resources which are locally available or based on the availability of resources he think of business or enterprise. At the same time he will be conscious about market and other external factors which have effects on Enterprise to develop. 

d) Conviction: The best quality of a successful entrepreneur is strong conviction where they believe in their idea and have passion to do it or to put in to action. Entrepreneur will be very much confident in their idea and work hard to make it happen. 

e) Hurdles: To become a successful entrepreneur its not easy task, there will be thousands of problems may come on the way, but entrepreneur has to solve these blocks or problems he will take appropriate steps to solve problems. 

f) Team: Entrepreneur is the one who build competitive team to work and to developbusiness.Entrepreneur is the person who give more important to Team and identify talented and skilled one who can really contribute for the development of enterprise. 

g) Flexible: The best quality of entrepreneur is flexibility because business depends on external conditions so for an enterprise there are many external conditions which influence its growth and development. According to the market condition and need, entrepreneur has to change his ideas.

Entrepreneur has to be polite and firm enough to run his business. He has to be aggressive in implementing policies and handling things. He has to be competitive to run his enterprise. 

I thank Gururaj Deshpand Sir for his informative and valuable suggestions. I’m inspired by his speech it was really boosted me to think in terms of entrepreneurial spirit in our work places.   



May 23, 2011
Dear all we had Education Module in Deshpande Fellowship Program from past four days I learned many interesting things about education system in India. Is is necessary to know about our education system. I’m aware of many terminologies which are frequently used in education system in India. We had sessions on Elementary Education, Higher Education  and Innovation in Education. We had session on Right to Education Act-2010. One whole day we had practical session on new innovation called Nali-Kali method which is implemented for 1-3 standard classes in government school. I really understand where we are lacking in education comparing with other countries. Our education system have not changed since 150 years it is a clear indicator that our education system doesn’t run according to the time. It does’t give freedom for children to express their interest and opinion. Even after 60 years of independence only 13% of the people are able to get higher education today. After spending 4 days I came to know that we have lot to achieve in education system. It’s time to act not to talk to improve and ensure quality education in our schools. As a social work student it made me to think about experiments and innovations which are done by many educationists in the present education system. It also made me to think and grab the opportunities which are available in the education system. After attending education module i understood that….
Education is to learn.
Education is to do.
Education is to be.
Education is to live together.


May 14, 2011

Dear all, today we had Agriculture Module in Deshpande Fellowship Program. I personally learned many new things in agriculture module. It was really interesting to be a part of this module. I learned the concept of Sustainable Agriculture, Farmer Field School and City Farming. We Cohort VI Fellows had field visit to BAIF NGO which is working for agriculture development. 

I think if we follow some cropping pattern in agriculture it help to sustain for long time. After this module I think agriculture can provide year long work in the agriculture farm itself instead of searching job and going to other places. It can be profitable business. Even in dry land we can grow some of the fruit trees. I think it require lot of patience and hard work to get result in the field. Without using chemical fertilizer we can get more yield by using vermi compost which can be prepared by farmers by using all type of agriculture waste and home waste.
Sustainable Agriculture 
Sustainable development is the kind of agriculture which deals with the
Conservation of Natural Resources,
Development of Natural Resources, and
Proper utilization of Natural Resources to meet the present and future needs.
Facilitators followed participatory method to teach agriculture module, we all participated very well in the group activities in the class.

Right to Information Act-2005

May 5, 2011

Right to Information Act-2005 Rally in Kalaghatagi Taluk

Dear all, I had been participated in Right to Information Act-2005 (RTI Act-2005) rally in many villages of Kalaghatagi taluk. We created awareness among the villagers about RTI Act-2005 by songs, street plays and group discussions. We also filed RTI applications on many issues in the villages, we filed 130 RTI applications on different issues/problems in the villages. We also taught many youths to write RTI application so that they can take initiative in their villages to make government accountable. It was nice experience to work in a team and in a new place. I need to thank all my Co-fellows for their support and cooperation. Spacial thanks to Chinnababu sir for his support and guidance to organise RTI rally. We got good response in some villages and in some villages response was very poor. We had a problem of transport but still we were able to organise RTI rally without any problem. We will  keep follow up of RTI applications in coming days which are filed in the villages.

Village Study Experience

May 2, 2011

Dear all, finally I’m back from my extended village study. This village study was really memorable one. I studied about “Impact of NREGA on Veerapur village”. This was bit challenging for me to find out beneficiaries and to collect data. I got good cooperation by panchayath officials and villagers. In my personal opinion it was difficult to adjust with food and water in the village. Villagers treated me very well and supported me in my study. It gave me sense of confident because I met many unfamiliar people and interviewed them. So it helped me to develop confidence to speak strangers. I think villagers have lot of hope on NREGA scheme to get employment as well as to develop community infrastructures by using labour. They feel that road connectivity, land development, toilet construction in the village, and irrigation are the most useful project to develop their village. Some of the villagers feel that corruption exist in NREGA scheme, many fake bank accounts are created. It was nice experience for me to understand grass root level reality. Villagers are very simple and hard workers they always think about work. When we go to village for study, they expect something from that study. Overall it was nice experience I enjoyed it.